Professional wedding photographer there are some photography tips

Professional wedding photographer there are some photography tips

1. the use of remote or cable release helps to get a clear picture, or using the camera's self-timer function regularly.

2. metering and focus mode without a point as much as possible, because at the point instead of Coke ... General consumer DC manual focus function is weak, but are less subject is not easy to accurately focus, you can at the same distance from hold larger objects such as watches to aid in focusing.

3. using the LCD viewfinder, macro itself and the subject matter was very close, and then use the viewfinder viewfinder posture not only indecent, the key is not easy to end the camera steady. Using the LCD viewfinder lets photographers easily composition, and easy to see the end of the shallow depth of field.

4. pay attention to the background. Although macro can blur the background very well, but have to pay attention to the seams between background objects, sometimes accidentally destroys the overall effect.

5. appropriate experiment with light effects. Especially the edge thin and plants such as flowers, leaves, backlighting exhibit special beauty.

6. tourist attractions, like wind erosion of stone, like rusty lock, in macro shots will show a strong texture.

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