Hainan's beautiful wedding, happy transition

Hainan has developed rapidly since the yearly, from bird shit Island developed to a beautiful resort area, more came to this place to shoot wedding photography wedding, there are more couples or phenomenal live to travel, but, this island was exciting.

    introduction to Haikou Haikou and rich tourist resources, notably the five officials Temple, Hai Rui Tomb, Li Shuoxun martyrs Memorial Pavilion, xiuying Fort barbette, people's Park, Evergreen Park, Holiday Beach, tropical ocean world, the Taurus mountain martyrs cemetery, shore   sea park, Stone Mountain crater area with certain characteristics, and is located in the city, and convenient transportation, Hainan tropical Wildlife Park, Volcano national geological park marks the completion of a regular and a number of new scenic spots were developed into a set of   tourism, vacation leisure, health fitness, business exhibition, culture and entertainment as one of multi-functional, comprehensive national tropical coastal tourist resort.

aviation: meilan airport located in qiongshan city of Haikou meilan town, distance 25 km, Haikou, has direct access to both domestic and international routes. From Haikou meilan airport and the urban areas is usually a 30-minute drive away.

airline airport bus departure to 6:00 every day at end of the last flight, 30 mins, fare 15  Yuan/person, free of the China Southern Airlines flight boarding gate of the civil aviation hotel in Haikou city, Hai, Hainan Airlines flight boarding free of charge in the old urban districts of airport terminals. You can also take bus 41 and 21   bus to the city centre, a 5 Yuan/person. If you take a taxi to the airport from the downtown, you can discuss the price with the driver, generally about 30~40 Yuan.

Haikou Sanya airport to traffic:

1, the airport direct taxi tours 300~400.

2, airport taxi to Haifu road Haikou East bus station opposite the five officials Temple, 50~70, recoil of the Haikou-Sanya steam express train to the station, fare 79, East high speed without stopping, 30 mins. After the Sanya bus station, take a taxi to the Bay about 50 Yuan, Dadong sea about 10 Yuan, the city about 7 Yuan. Night taxi will be slightly more expensive.


1, the first and last time 6:30--22:00, Haikou urban bus fare is 1 Yuan, most are automated.   "Leng Ba bus" price is 1 Yuan. (Average adult hit 90 percent, student cards to hit 50 percent, senior citizen card 50 times a month free rides)

Haikou between major tourist attractions line bus tours, tour 1, 2, the five officials temple to the tropical Sea World Park, full fare of 2 Yuan.   Haikou tourist bus line "new methylene blue," and can direct The Qiongtai Academy, five ancestral hall, boat House, Evergreen Park, xiuying ancient Fort, 6 major attractions of the city like Hai Rui Park, price 1~2 Yuan.


1, the main seaport taxi Mazda, Jetta, xiali cars start at 3 km 10, "charade", "Jet", "Mazda" 1.8 RMB/km, the new "Jetta" cars, "Santana" 2 Yuan per km.

Note: the seaport taxi can offer, general urban area is 10, if not the meter of a closer, you can put "xiali" prices to 8 Yuan, usually meter prices of 15 Yuan, 10 Yuan. If you talk about good prices, you don't have to worry about a detour with the driver in advance.


Haikou new port and xiuying port in Haikou for both ports, a day to the coast of the Mainland and Hong Kong Ferry more than 40 ships, mainly in Haikou new port in Zhanjiang port passenger and automobile ferry between the MSC and mainly xiuying port is mainly bound for Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, MSC, Shekou, the North Sea, Hong Kong.

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