Things to note for their wedding photos

Things to note for their wedding photos

      1: the first day of filming washed hair and night not to drink too much water, especially prone to swelling of the eyes of people.

      2 : the bride wore a strapless bra or invisible underwear, try not to wear the collar small head dress, so that change easily bad makeup.

      3: the photos don't make up the same day, another note make sure you remove armpit hair removal otherwise the picture is not a good look!

      4:  groom not within one week my hair cut or hair no longer cut out just to the right degree, feel weird! Wearing a pair of black shoes, a pair of black and white socks.

      5 : If on location in high heels, you may consider bringing a pair of slippers, temporary walk can change without pain.

      6:  with a wet paper towel in case where no makeup for the camera thing can use this Remover!

      7 : If you need to buy flowers, the flower market is a good choice, but try to go inside, the outside of the more expensive. I May ask rose's first 15, went to 8 Yuan to 20.

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