Honeymoon Wedding bags do?

Except for our wedding honeymoon not often heard people complaining about paying for excess baggage and baggage loss thing? Reasonable packaging skills are a must at this point, especially if don't want your honeymoon to be a variety of things to bother. Try our honeymoon packing tip, will be easier to make your honeymoon, perfect.

good packing list

bag tips

starting a week ago to make good list. List of things when you're done, and you may be forgetting the necessities in. In addition to the shoes and underwear, others follow does not take not take only one principle. Some clothes for day and evening wear, such as silk or cotton clothes. There are cotton sweater, Waffle knit shirts, dresses and skirts. Mix all your clothes. Bring a box of Hypo-allergenic with SOAP, so you can use SOAP to wash clothes and take a shower and wash your hair. When the hotel, remember to wash your silk garments, and then dried. Many bathrooms will provide can be hung on the Clothesline on the tub.

smart matching clothing

an object with

travel is when you need your imagination. Just need to move your head, combined a variety of matching with existing clothes can be. Banquets when matching jewelry necklaces, belts are practical, paired with skirts is after a good shopping outfit. Relatively large size shoes, so I only have a pair of cleats slippers, a pair of sneakers and a pair of dealing with big heels. Many tourists directly to wear local costumes, King size cotton jacket can be used not only as a thin quilt in the sand, it can also be used as a scarf, blanket or shawl for evening.

you can reduce the incidence of some essential toiletries

less toiletries

local hotel provides shampoo and SOAP. Antibacterial Wipes and disposable supplies such as sunscreen have to fit into the bag.

their exclusive label box

stamped tags

it took a lot of effort, and found they could not put everything in her handbag. It's OK, just stick labels on your checked baggage on the line. Write your name on the label, telephone and hotel's phone. Remember that a card in the box, so that even if the label is damaged, the airline can also be in touch with you. Make sure you know your destination airport codes, check confirm whether is the same in case of error.

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