Matters needing attention in groom's dresses dress up

In the traditional wedding, groom dresses and bow ties matching the preferred, but some problems need to pay attention to important details.


    suit: is your bride to choose traditional wedding dress? your dress and it must match. Pointed lapel MGM's taste, and "v" neck is the most popular choice. Do not choose black and other styles of tie.


     jacket: Dan Kou's most classic Tuxedo Jacket, with a starched shirt and polished decorative buckle. Straps is prepared for a tall, thin people, so that their tops seem more fit, looks like a dress coat.


     cuff: with traditional styles of dress, choose matte, and unique cufflinks, but not too exaggerated. Try to choose in addition to shaking hands is not easy to show the kind of cufflinks.


     pants: do not select pants cuffed trousers, creases should be clean and clear. If you don't like the band, even the most formal dress is allowed waistband.


     shoe: whether lacing or not, they should all be black moccasins, and is brand new. Note: do not choose a buckle or suede shoes.

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